E A N N E  R I C K E T T S

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P R I V A T E   A R T   C O U R S E S

for collectors of Moments versus Things

Here some courses which offer all generations to paint together, 

spicing up your lives from the comfort of your own homes.

"It Takes A Whole Life

To Grow Young"


Art Works by Kassandra & Kalissa Smolderen                  

Free to give weekly courses just a flight away. 

For beginners to higher level. Tailor-made courses for kids and adults worldwide.

For further inquiries on single & group fees, feel free to send an email to : swayscapes@protonmail.com

I n s p i r a t i o n a l   Q u o t e s

"The fact that artists are now minted by universities ( and degree-granting art schools modeled on the university) may have done wonders for their social standing, but it’s also been a source of worry to many critics and artists, who think something of great value might be lost by the proffessionalization of the artist." -   Barry Schwabsky on Hyperallergic

We look out to learn out culture; we look in to learn our humanity. Art activates both experiences instantly and simultaneously providing extraordinary power for resilience and survival. Phillip Romero MD http://www.phantomstress.com

Art at the Tipping Point: Today our creative resilience faces adversities far graver than the Ice Age. Global warming and toxic waste threaten the biosphere; species extinction is increasing; world economic systems are undergoing transformations that threaten everyone; global terrorism and personal violence are escalating; individual chronic stress is intoxicating young minds. Never before has the family of humankind had a greater need for the power of Art to generate calming connections across world systems. - 

Phillip Romero MD http://www.artimperativequest.com

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