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A R T    A T    T H E    T I P P I N G    P O I N T

"Never before has the family of humankind had a greater need for the power of Art to generate calming connections across world systems. SWAY's visionary paintings link internal emotional and cognitive systems with external cultural realities and explore new patterns for understanding nature & human nature." 

Dr. Phillip Romero MD & Joe La Placa Director of Cardi Gallery London, 

Authors of the psychology book "Phantom Stress". 

SWAY painting 'Life Injection" in her studio in the South of France in 2010 

"Sensibilité, Précision, Créativité." -  Louis Cane, 2006

"Through her painter's eye, her photographs inspired her paintings.

Both have developed into thematic crossed layers of mixed medium, which gave birth

to her very unique characteristic style."Marco Bianco +, IN CAMERA Photo Gallery, Pietra Santa  2005

"Au fil des étoiles, l’oeil s’aperçoit que ses représentations sont d’un autre monde,

et qu’elles demeurent pour nos regards éternellement présentes dans une 

fusion de symboles.." -  Françoise Gollong, GALLERIE GOLLONG St Paul de Vence 2006

"In search of supreme harmony, she fearlessly trespasses ordinary limits,

stretching contrasts to thinned out extremes. All is brought into another dimension.

The vibes of liveliness in her works, in which various shapes intertwine like tartans, give the

impression that her works aren't static." -  Masayuki SASAO, Architect, Tokyo 2006